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Creating Destiny Graphics
You were made with purpose and for a purpose.
Creating Destiny Graphics exists to put your purpose in pictures. CDG specializes in graphic design: logos, digitial and print media, website design, font design, and photography. Creating Destiny Graphics will help make your vision a reality.

Custom Logo Creation

Every vision begins with an Idea. A logo is simply an expression of an idea. CDG will help you create a logo that fits the purpose of your vision through a logo design process.

Digital and Print Media

CDG has designed a wide range of graphics for a variety of clients - such as restaurants, political figures, ministries, network marketing teams, and other small businesses. CDG will assist you by creating the right and suitable design to meet your needs.

Freehand Calligraphy

Need a custom font to fit your purpose? Using the art of Calligraphy CDG will create sample fonts for you or you may choose from CDG's library of fonts. .


Need some quality photos for your website, products, or event? CDG will provides photography to meet your needs.


Parties, Events, Commericlals - CDG can help with all your video needs. 


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8.5 X 11 Brochure (outside)
8.5 X 11 BROCHURE (inside)


Client Photos:  Food, Real Estate, Products


Aerial Video, Recap Video, Commercial Video

Aerial Footage of Shingle impact test for a roofing company recorded at Great Heart Ranch - Bandera, Texas


Fun Video Edit. I enjoy cooking. 

Guacamole anyone? 

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